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Com Pros, Inc. offers trained technicians with well-equipped service vans that enable the work to be performed at the customer’s location (with little interruption in their work environment) or at one of our three shops. All the technicians have a two-year associate degree or greater in Electronics as well as an FCC License. To keep current in this ever-changing environment, the technicians receive constant training and test equipment updates.

We maintain almost every aspect of two-way radios including conventional, trunked, paging, microwave, CCTV, and many other systems throughout central Pennsylvania. Another primary service is maintaining the communications systems of the 911 centers in the majority of the 23 counties of our service area. Repairs can be done on not only the brands of radios we are licensed to sell, but all other brands too. A maintenance agreement can be set up to suit any need – no matter how large or small the system.

We are experienced in the installation of Mobile Radios, Repeaters, Base Stations, Tower Site Antennas, In-House Paging Systems, Networked Computer systems, telephone systems, Microwave systems, and CCTV (and other aspects of security such as Call boxes).

Our sales and technical teams will help you design a system that will make your business or entity run smoother and more efficiently – from a two unit system to a security system covering multi level complex to a county wide emergency system.

Through one of Com Pros, Inc. sister companies, ChargeGuard, Inc., we can also provide a copyrighted Software that will track your radios and equipment by serial number. This will enable you to know the unit location - i.e. what vehicle or shop - and its record of maintenance. ChargGuard, Inc. also has a patented electronic switch for two-way radios or mobile computers to turn the equipment on when the engine starts and turn it off after 15 minutes or up to 15 hours (which allows a construction vehicle to leave its radio on while at the job site). This unit also has a low voltage shutoff (so that weak batteries do not completely drain) and an immediate high voltage shutoff in the event the unit receives high voltage form the alternator or is “jump” started after leaving the light on all night.

Hilltop Tower Leasing, Inc., another sister company, owns, manages or has access to a total of 24 towers in our 23 county area.