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Company History

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Com Pros, Inc. was opened for business in 1954 as Sound Electronics under the ownership of Norman and Nellie Blankenbiller. The company was originated as a Motorola Service Station (MSS) in the Hollidaysburg and State College areas.

In 1969, the company was split and sold to two different proprietors. The current owner, David A. Kephart, Sr., purchased the Hollidaysburg division keeping the Sound Electronics name. The State College division was purchased by Jay H. Clemmer, Jr. and became Gregg Electronics. Seeing the success of the Hollidaysburg Shop, Dave Kephart, opened another shop in Chambersburg in 1970.

For the next 20 years, Sound Electronics provided the best quality and up-to-date service as an Authorized Motorola Service Station in a twelve county area. This MSS designation is the highest certification bestowed by Motorola for repair and service of their equipment on a National Basis. At that time 6 technicians and 3 office personnel were employed.

In 1989, Motorola, Inc. authorized Sound Electronics to sell the Radius Line of Products. Two salespeople were added to sell this product. When this took place, Sound Electronics incorporated as Sound Communications, Inc. By 1992, Motorola, Inc. could see the benefits of the Authorized Dealers and Sound Communications, Inc. began selling as an Authorized two-way Radio Dealer of both Motorola Branded and the Radius line of products in the entire territory.

In 1993, Sound Communications, Inc. purchased controlling interest in Gregg Electronics, Inc. – forming a combined territory of 18 counties. Sound Communications, Inc. became 100% owner of Gregg Electronics, Inc. in 2000. In the year 2001, the companies were combined and the names were changed to Com Pros, Inc.

In 2001 Com Pros, Inc., in addition to the MSS and Authorized two-way Radio Dealer status, became a Motorola Agent - which allows us to sell to municipalities, and a Motorola Manufacturer’s Representative - which allows the sale of product to large industrial customers located throughout the United States that were previously handled by Motorola directly.

Today, Com Pros, Inc. covers a 23 county territory. There are a total of 40 employees, including 18 technicians, 5 sales people, 2 computer programmers and 10 office support people, plus its own tower crew, along with more expansion planned in the near future.